Всі перемоги Шифрін присвятила своєму батькові

Відома гірськолижниця Мікаела Шифрін присвятила все своє життя спорту, а після смерті батька взагалі повністю поринула у тренування. Вже майже пів року Мікаела згадує батька у своєму блозі і присвячує йому майже кожен пост. Ось і цього разу спортсменка написала пост, в якому дякує батькові за витримку в її характері і силу волі.

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My Dad used to ask me, almost every single day, what I had on my schedule for a workout. When I was younger, we would do all kinds of workouts together as a family or sometimes just Dad and me. One of his personal favorite workouts were these hill bounding torture intervals he came up with and somehow convinced me to do with him. But when I went to ski academy and then continued onto the US Ski Team, I started getting used to doing my workouts either with my friends, teammates or alone. So from around 15-20 years old I went through this phase—when he would ask about my workout schedule, I'd get really irritated and reply with some snarky remark that deterred him from asking if I wanted his help or company. I don't even know why I did that…but I can not explain how much I regret acting that way. I missed SO many opportunities to spend time with him during those years. Right around 20, apparently I grew out of this "I don't need anyone to help me with anything" phase, and I started accepting his offers. I started asking him to come with me to the track, for my strength sessions, for my plyo workouts…I cherished his company, and wish I had grown up a lot sooner. This "off-season" conditioning block has been filled with flashbacks. I remember him talking about movement mechanics and the science behind why a certain exercise is particularly good for me; adding his two cents in here and there because he especially loved learning about and discussing sports science. He was such a good training companion and doing these workouts reminds me of that. So here we are…still going. Still missing him…but still going.

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